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Individualita mluvčího v užití základní hlasové frekvence při přednesu básní

Jan Volín, Tomáš Bořil



Speaker characteristics within fundamental frequency domain in reciting poetry

The fundamental frequency (f0) is considered a salient feature in the acoustic structure of the speech signal. The objective of our study was to investigate the f0 characteristics of speakers when reciting poetry. We recorded 24 speakers, who prepared and read out two poems by the same author but of a different character both in form and in content. The central research question was whether we could find any stable characteristics of the speakers that would be present in both texts. A complementary question of equal importance concerns the identification of features that consistently differ in the two texts. We wanted to know to what extent the differences in the structure and mood of the two poems alter the f0 parameters produced by individual speakers. Sixteen analyses were carried out, of which seven can be considered standard, while nine are less commonly used and, therefore, worth exploring. The results suggest that various methods of inquiry have their merits, and a combination of approaches is commendable. The best performing variables in our sample were the f0 baseline, the declination trendline and the proportion of continuation melodemes used by a speaker. These three characteristics are presented in a 3D display.

Key words: downtrends, fundamental frequency, idiosyncratic features, nuclear pitch accent, poem reciting
Klíčová slova: idiosynkratické rysy, melodém, přednes poezie, spádový trend, základní hlasová frekvence

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Fonetický ústav FF UK
nám. Jana Palacha 1/2, 116 38 Praha 1
jan.volin@ff.cuni.cz, tomas.boril@ff.cuni.cz

Naše řeč, ročník 105 (2022), číslo 3

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