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Časopis Naše řeč
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Instructions for Authors

Naše řeč does not accept submissions of texts which have been published or accepted for publication elsewhere. The recommended maximum length of submissions is 20 standard pages (i.e. a total of 36,000 characters including spaces).

Naše řeč accepts texts in Czech or English, exceptionally in Slovak.

The article must include an abstract in English and Czech, i.e. a brief summary of its content (not merely information about the results), and 3-10 key words. The English abstract should contain 100–200 words in case of article and 50–100 words in case of short article. The key words should be in Czech and in English and listed in alphabetical order.

Book reviews should contain the bibliographical information of the publication being reviewed. Naše řeč does not accept submissions which are merely descriptive and lack critical evaluation and/or the author’s own contribution to the scholarly dialogue. 

At the end of the text, list the address of your affiliation (or another contact address) and your e-mail address.

Texts can be submitted by e-mail to naserec@ujc.cas.cz.

Manuscript Guidelines

Journal address: Naše řeč, Institute of the Czech Language AS CR, Letenská 4, 118 51 Prague 1, Czech, e-mail: naserec@ujc.cas.cz.