Časopis Naše řeč
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About archive

Full texts
The electronic archive contains freely accessible full text versions of all genres of published texts, beginning with volume 1/1917 and ending with the volume published six years prior to the current volume. The five most recent yearly volumes are available in the CEEOL and EBSCO databases.

Function of the archive
The archive enables advanced searches, and one of its essential advantages is that many of references (above all those concerning texts published by the Czech Language Institute) are interactive, i.e. they link directly to electronic versions of those texts. Texts signed with merely the author’s initials or a code have also been included in the search function by author name in cases where the identity of the author is undisputed. Author referencing errors, if discovered, have been corrected.

Error correction
During the preparation of the texts for the electronic archive, various types of errors were uncovered. Purely formal errors (typos, incorrect punctuation and the like), which were evidently unintentional, have undergone unmarked correction in the electronic versions of the texts (the electronic and print versions can thus differ from one another). Corrections of more serious content errors in the electronic version of the texts have been marked with an asterisk (*) and described and explained in the corresponding footnote.