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Call for Papers

Special issue of Naše řeč 5/2021

Guest Editor: Marek Nekula


Czech – just like other languages – is not used exclusively in its homeland but has spread to other countries in several waves of migration. Depending on when they occurred, how big they were and how long they lasted, these waves of migration created variously interconnected minority groups and communities of varying size, some of which have acquired the status of protected autochthonous minorities over time, while others have remained unprotected allochthonous minorities. The outlined sociolinguistic framework and its variables as well as the majority’s but also the minority’s views of language or particular languages have affected the language use of minority groups and their members, which has in turn shaped their views of language and their functioning as a minority. This raises the issues of language loyalty and language shift, but also questions concerning bilingualism and the varieties of Czech formed in the context of migration, be they the result of incomplete acquisition of Czech as a heritage language or possibly of the attrition of Czech as the first language after the majority language replaces Czech as the speaker’s dominant language.

It is the aim of the special issue to capture on the one hand the diversity of such varieties of Czech, and on the other to grasp the general mechanisms of the development of the language system of Czech as a minority language. Papers on the following topics are particularly welcome: the description of (the development of) varieties of Czech spoken by settled minorities, incomplete acquisition of Czech as a heritage language, and attrition of Czech as the first language of speakers living abroad; papers developing new approaches to studying Czech as spoken outside of the Czech Republic are also welcome.

We accept papers in Czech and English.

The papers are expected to be up to ca. 36,000 characters (including spaces) long.

Deadline: March 31, 2021.

For manuscript guidelines see the instructions for authors.


Call for Papers in pdf

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