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Časopis Naše řeč
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Naše řeč

Naše řeč (Our Language) is a refereed scientific journal devoted to Czech as a first language. It publishes texts on Czech primarily from a synchronic perspective, but also from a diachronic one, and addresses questions of Czech grammar, vocabulary, orthography and stylistics, in general and with a focus on the language of individual literary works. It devotes attention to the standard/literary variety of Czech in relation to other varieties. At its forefront are questions of language cultivation and the developmental dynamics of Czech, as well as problems of usage, norms, and codification. The journal also elaborates the Czech language discussion of current topics in linguistics.

In addition to original scholarly articles, Naše řeč publishes book reviews and reports about new publications and scholarly activities in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. A special feature of the journal is the section Short article, which provides an original research-based explanation or solution of a specific linguistic problem. This usually concerns an individual word or limited set of expressions, sometimes interpreting the origin of the words, commenting on their meaning, usage, and the like. Short commentaries are similar in character to scholarly articles as concerns their content, composition and formal qualities, but are typically focused on a particular case. The final page of each issue of Naše řeč typically contains one question concerning language from the Language Consulting Center of the Institute of the Czech Language.

Articles and short commentaries are always reviewed by at least two reviewers, and reviews, short reports and information by one reviewer. The questions sent to the Language Consulting Center and the answers to them are not refereed. The review process is always double-blind.

The decision to include the text in the section is in the competence of the editorial staff.

All articles include an English abstract, Czech and English key words, and the address of the author.

The inaugural issue of Naše řeč was published in 1916.

Naše řeč is published by the Czech Language Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, a public research institution.

Naše řeč is indexed/abstracted in ERIH Plus (The European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences), Central and Eastern European Academic Source (EBSCO), Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences and Slovak Academy of Sciences) and Bibliografie české lingvistiky [Czech Linguistics Bibliography] (Czech Language Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic).

The journal is also included in the following databases: Linguistic Bibliography/Bibliographie linguistique (Leiden, NL) – with English key words and abstract;
Bibliografia Jȩzykoznawstwa Slawistycznego (Warsaw, PL ) – annotated in Czech;
Modern Language Association of America – International Bibliography. Vol. 3: Linguistics (New York, USA) – with English key words;
Year's Work in Modern Language Studies, chapter on Czech studies: Language (London, GB) – annotated in English.

Naše řeč is available online through the CEEOL database and in the digital library of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

The journal is published five times per year. The price for a single issue is 50 CZK. ISSN 0027-8203 (Print), 2571-0893 (Online).

Contributions sent to naserec@ujc.cas.cz, books for review to: Naše řeč, Institute of the Czech Language, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Letenská 4, 118 51 Prague 1, Czech Republic.

The web pages http://nase-rec.ujc.cas.cz are archived in WebArchiv (http://www.webarchiv.cz).